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Spring Boot and Spring Security OAuth2 tutorial for Authorization through Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter

Spring Boot oauth2 tutorial for accessing Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter In this tutorial we will extend the Spring Boot OAuth2 tutorial, to provide support for Google, Twitter and LinkedIn along with Facebook. The above tutorial implements a Single sign-on with facebook. If you have not gone through the above tutorial, please have a look before […]

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How to resolve – bio field is deprecated for versions v2.8 and higher

How to fix – (#12) bio field is deprecated for versions v2.8 and higher I encountered this error when using spring-social-facebook API. I did git clone of Spring tutorial for accessing facebook data I was hoping for it to work straightaway but got blocked by this error. Following steps helped me fix this problem, hope it helps. […]

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How to Connect to Spring BOOT Rest service to Mongo DB in Docker

 Connect Spring BOOT Rest Service To MONGO DB within Docker SpringBoot is a  popular spring framework that allows users to create projects capable of running as standalone executables . It fits in so well in microservices architecture where each service is supposed to be running independently. Spring boot can easily be integrated with different backend database […]

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