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How to resolve – bio field is deprecated for versions v2.8 and higher

How to fix – (#12) bio field is deprecated for versions v2.8 and higher I encountered this error when using spring-social-facebook API. I did git clone of Spring tutorial for accessing facebook data I was hoping for it to work straightaway but got blocked by this error. Following steps helped me fix this problem, hope it helps. […]

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How to List and Delete Docker Images

Introduction Docker image is an immutable file composed of layers of other images.In this tutorial, I will list out various useful commands to list, delete or remove docker images and also fix some common errors with below commands. Listing the images To list all Docker Images

To list Docker Images including composition of layers […]

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Exception – How to resolve cannot be cast to org.apache.cxf.frontend.ClientProxy

Exception I got this exception while using Apache CXF service. I was trying to use cxf endpoint to add some interceptors as shown on apache page.

But I was getting this exception continously

I had added the following dependencies in my POM  

The error got resolved when I changed it to


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