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How to resolve – bio field is deprecated for versions v2.8 and higher


How to fix – (#12) bio field is deprecated for versions v2.8 and higher

I encountered this error when using spring-social-facebook API. I did git clone of Spring tutorial for accessing facebook data

I was hoping for it to work straightaway but got blocked by this error.

Following steps helped me fix this problem, hope it helps.

  • adding the dependency for spring-social-core
  • adding the dependency for spring-social-config
  • Change the version of spring-social-facebook to 3.0.0.M1

In case you get an exception saying that Repository not available, please add the following repository to your POM


Please note that the Spring tutorial works only for one user if you want to make it work for multiple users go through below link

If you want to change the default page flow (facebookConnect.html to connect/facebookConnected.html),please follow below link

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