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How to change the default spring social redirect page flow

How to fix spring boot and spring social redirection to facebookConnected.html twitterConnected.html,linkedInconnected.html or googleConnected.html


Spring Boot when plugged with Spring social does provide a quick and easy way to log on to social providers and access the data quickly.

However, it does have lot of shortcomings too like

While it is easy to change the initial view there is no clear documentation available which defines how to change the views.

To Replace facebookConnect.html

This bit is easy we just need to copy everything inside the form tag and place it in your login/home page.

All we are doing here is creating a form which posts to "/connect/facebook"


When we submit the form the code goes to ConnectController class and does the OAuth dance and routes back to "/connect/facebookConnected.html"

To Replace connect/facebookConnected.html

AS mentioned in the previous step the Connect controller class does the OAuth auth behind the scenes and redirects back to "/connect/facebookConnected.html" Class is an UI controller for managing the account-to-service-provider connection flow.

In this class, all the GET and Post methods have defined to handle the authentication flow

  • GET /connect/{providerId} – Get a web page showing connection status to {providerId}.
  • POST /connect/{providerId} – Initiate an connection with {providerId}.
  • GET /connect/{providerId}?oauth_verifier||code – Receive {providerId} authorization callback and establish the connection.
  • DELETE /connect/{providerId} – Disconnect from {providerId}.

Among all the methods you should see a connectedView method which returns the "/connect/facebookConnected.html"


All we need to do is to override this method

Create a CustomController

Create a class and call it CustomController make sure that it extends

Add the @Controller annotation at class level

Add the Constructor

Override the connectedView method
  • If you want web flow to be redirected to an another REST URL/Controller use something like

The above code will redirect to another REST controller where say data can be saved to DB and things like authentication can be done, something like below

  • If you want to show custom login/home page use something like



Complete Custom controller class looks like this


Follow the video for reference

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