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How to Install Artifactory on Docker

Installing Artifactory on Docker

JFrog Artifactory is a repository manager used for versioning deployable like a jar, war, docker image etc. Artifactory Pro is a licensed/paid version which will let you create repositories for docker images and much more.Artifactory OSS is open source and a restrective version where you can create maven repositories and few others.

In this tutorial, we will

    • Get Artifactory Docker Image from Docker Hub
    • Run the Docker Image
    • Verify Installation

Get official Artifactory Image

Pull the Artifactory OSS Docker Image, it’s an open source image. For this tutorial, we will go ahead with Artifactory OSS


Run Docker Image


Map localhost ports

  • Then we will try to run the image, we will map Docker on localhost port 8081


Map Volumes to persist data

It is important to persist the artifacts which will be fed to Artifactory, so we have two options here

    • If it is important to persist the Jenkins data you can choose between the 2 options.
      1. Save data within the docker container, the docker volume persists upon restarts and even after if the container is deleted.
      2. Save data on your host/disk/laptop/machine. Weigh in your requirements and see what fits in with your requirements.

If artifactory was running using above command already then you need to stop the container using

  • Option-1> To persist the data within docker container


  • Option-2> To persist the data within host( host machine/laptop) container
Don’t forget to change the path to your local drive  after -v tag /Users/…. in case of Mac and C:/Users…. in case of Windows

Verify Installation

  • Since Artifactory was mapped to localhost port 8081, open your browser and use localhost:8081 if accessing from the same machine.

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