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How to use Spring Profiles with Docker Containers


How to use Spring Profiles with Docker Containers


Spring Profiles are an effective way of implementing environment independent code. The properties file or @Beans can be selected dynamically at run time based on the profile injected.
Assuming that you are quite familiar with the spring profiles and looking for injecting profiles in a Docker environment. There are couple of ways of doing it namely



  • Passing Spring Profile in Dockerfile
  • Passing Spring Profile in Docker run command
  • Passing Spring Profile in DockerCompose

In this tutorial, I will try to capture all these 3 scenarios.

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Passing Spring Profile in a Dockerfile

From command prompt of your system, any spring boot application can be run with “java -jar” command.The profiles need to be passed as an argument like this ““. For Spring MVC applications other 2 below methods will work fine.

Similarly, when using dockerfile we need to pass the profile as an argument, have a look at one of the Dockerfile for creating a spring boot docker image

Below an example on spring boot project dockerfile

Pay attention to the last line ENTRYPOINT, in this line we are passing the java command to execute the jar file and all arguments have been passed as comma separated values. “” is where we are passing the dev profile, you can replace dev with the profile name you want.

Passing Spring Profile in Docker run

You can also pass spring profile as an environment variable while using docker run command using the -e flag. The option -e “SPRING_PROFILES_ACTIVE=dev” will inject the dev profile to the Docker container.


Passing Spring Profile in DockerCompose

If you are on DockerSwarm or using compose file for deploying docker images the Spring profile can be passed using the environment: tag in a docker-compose file, as shown below


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3 thoughts to “How to use Spring Profiles with Docker Containers”

  1. Hi
    Could you please help me to resolve my problem.

    This is my docker file

    FROM openjdk:8-jdk-alpine
    LABEL maintainer=”email”
    VOLUME /tmp
    EXPOSE 8761
    ARG JAR_FILE=target/*.jar
    ADD ${JAR_FILE} app.jar
    ENTRYPOINT [“java”,””,,”/app.jar”]

    This is my run command,

    sudo docker stop archisoft-common-eureka || true && sudo docker rm archisoft-common-eureka || true && sudo docker rmi archisoft-common-eureka || true
    mvn clean package && sudo docker build -t archisoft-common-eureka .
    sudo docker run -p 8761:8761 –name archisoft-common-eureka archisoft-common-eureka

    How do i pass spring profile using run command and assign it for entry point in docker file?


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